We sat down with Kjetil Evjen to discuss his plans to stepping away from the traditional when redesigning two courses in Comparative Politics.
Kjetil’s motivation for joining TALIDA is to look for new inspirations and ideas. Kjetil’s quest to redesigning the courses is not only personl, but also requested by the department as a way to produce examples on how to move beyond the standard way of doing education.

The main goals would ultimately be to increase student interaction and their engagement with course material. Kjetil plans to address this by integrating the ongoing efforts in teaching through seminars and lectures by utilizing digital tools (Mitt UiB).
Although uncertain on the impact on student learning; it is clear that the students will engage more deeply with the course, and through that hopefully increase their learning. Changing the final exams is difficult currently, but by more actively addressing students learning throughout the semester, and giving them feedback through formative assessment, the goal is to move towards a more aligned form of assessment down the line.

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